5 Common Types of Door Knobs and Handles

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Not all doors in the home or workplace are alike. As a matter of fact, many doors have different designs and have varying mechanisms. For this reason, it is important to choose the right type of door knob or door handle for them. Once you know which knobs or handles to install on your doors, you should be able to open them easily as well as improve your home interior aesthetic.

The following are five different types of door knobs and handles commonly used in Singapore:

Half-dummy Door Knob


The half-dummy door knob is considered among the simplest home door knobs since it does not rotate and does not have any form of locking mechanism. In fact, it is merely a one-sided knob that is meant for pulling. It is therefore best used on furniture such as cabinets, dressers, drawers, and such.


Passage Door Knob


Passage knobs are used for interior passages and furniture which are not meant to be locked. They allow the door to be opened from either side and do not consist of a locking mechanism, just like half-dummy door knobs. Normally, this knob is installed by professionals on doors built between rooms as well as open closets.


Privacy Door Knob


As the name implies, privacy door knobs are used on doors that are meant to be locked to ensure privacy. As such, it is best to hire a professional to install these knobs on your bedrooms and bathrooms. In order for the door to open, privacy door knobs need to be unlocked from the inside.

A privacy door knob consists of a basic locking mechanism on one side in order to prevent unauthorized access. It also features an emergency unlocking mechanism in case anyone is locked in or out by accident.


Storeroom Door Knob

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If you have a storeroom which needs to be secured to prevent pilferage and damage to the items inside, having this type of knob installed is ideal. It consists of a key cylinder on one side for locking and unlocking as well as a rotatable knob on the other side that allows you to open the door.


Keyed Entry Door Knob


Keyed entry door knobs are among the most commonly used home door knobs. Like a storeroom door knob, it consists of a keyed cylinder on the exterior knob. However, the main difference lies in that its interior knob consists of either a button or twist mechanism which allows the door to be either locked or unlocked. Some models even include a dead latch for additional security.

Keyed entry door knobs are best installed on doors leading to the inside of the home. It is recommended that you hire a professional to install these door knobs on your front and back doors, garage doors, and patio doors.



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