Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Install Door Knobs and Handles

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Installing a new door knob or handle is a task which many homeowners often need to complete. This can be due to a damaged old door knob or handle or simply for aesthetic purposes. As is the case with drawer knobs and handles, it is best that a door knob or handle be installed by a professional so that it does not cause any issues. Take note that trying to install your door knob or door handle yourself can result in various complications. By hiring someone with more experience to install your door knobs and handles, you will be able to experience the following benefits:

All-rounded Expertise

Door knobs and door handles in any home require a number of special tools so they can be properly installed. Besides that, the process of installing them involves numerous procedures. Any shortage of knowledge on these tools and procedures may cause your door knobs and handles to be improperly installed. Fortunately, this can be avoided by hiring a professional. Since they have much experience and training in knob and handle installations, they are more than capable of determining the right tools and following the correct procedures to install your hardware quickly and efficiently.


Professional Workmanship

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As is the case with many other types of hardware, a tremendous amount of skill is needed for a door knob or handle to be installed securely. Otherwise, it could end up being stuck or loose which could be highly inconvenient.

Since many professional installers in Singapore are known to have excellent workmanship, hiring one can help you considerably. They will be able to ensure that all the door knobs and handles you need installed will be done so seamlessly.


It Prevents Unwanted Damage


Besides resulting in improper installation problems, setting up a door knob or handle without any professional help may cause a significant amount of damage. Since this damage can be quite costly to repair, it is best to avoid it as much as possible by hiring a professional to install your door knobs and handles for you rather than trying to do it yourself. Thanks to their experience, they will be able to see to it that your home door hardware is set up in good condition.


It Saves Time and Money

Trying to do a DIY knob installation or handle installation without adequate experience can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. The reason for this is that you still need to purchase the items required as well as study the procedures involved in the installation process.  Furthermore, you are more likely to commit mistakes which might be costly to repair. For you to save time and money, it is recommended that you contact a professional to install your knobs and handles for you. Their experience and training makes them much more capable of installing your hardware quickly at a much more affordable rate.



If you are in need of a professional to install your door knobs and handles, contact A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore today. With the help of our well-trained and experienced workers, you can ensure that your knobs and handles are installed quickly without any damage taking place.


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