Benefits Of Installing Door Lever Handles In Singapore


Nowadays, many people in Singapore are choosing door lever handles. These door handles are proven to be very helpful when you have to get through the door. There is no need to turn the knob to unlock your door. You just have to apply a little downward pressure and the door will unlock.

Also, if you have dirty hands, you do not need to touch the door as you can open the door by pushing down the handle using your elbow. There are other benefits of installing door lever handles, which we will share with you.

They Ensure Protection against Stains And Grime


Installing a handle in your garden house or shed is a great idea as it will be easier to open the door without using your hands which may be covered with dirt. You may even use the door lever handle for your bathroom doors to prevent contamination from dirty and unwashed hands.

They Provide Easy Door Access


Any type of door handle can easily open the door even when you are holding loads of groceries or other things in your hands. Only a slight downward pressure can open the door. Thus, there is no need to free your hands and place your stuff somewhere just to open the door knob. You can enjoy easy door access and save some time.

They Provide Handicap Accessibility

Door handles can be installed into the connecting rooms of your house to make it easier for those who are in a wheelchair and even for those who suffer from body problems like arthritis to open the door knob. It can be difficult for them to do so due to the lack of hand strength. If you get a door handle installed, then it will be easier for those people who require assistance to open the doors.

Instead of doing a DIY knob or handle installation, it is ideal to let a professional like A1 Door Knobs & Handles Singapore to complete the task. We have successfully installed handles and knobs in many homes in Singapore. We choose the best handles for the purpose and install them in a way that you will not have any difficulty in opening doors.

They Are Practical for Workshops Or Garages


In places such as mechanic garages and workshops, door lever handles can be used between the office and the shop. If you choose to install a door knob, you will be left with no choice but to use your greasy or oily hands to open the knob. However, with a door lever handle, you can just push down the handle with your elbow to open the door. This way, your handle and your door will always look clean, and it will have a good impression on customers and visitors.

In places like factories wherein a lot of chemicals are used, you can also use door lever handles in exits or entrances. This will ensure the safety of both employees and employers.


Door lever handles are now preferred by most people in Singapore as it is easy to use. You will be able to open the door even by just slightly pushing down the lever handle with your elbow. Therefore, you will not need to worry about how to open the door even if you are carrying a lot of stuff in your hands. For door knob and handle installation services, call A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore. We have experts who can perfectly install your door knobs and handles.


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