Common Door Knob Issues And How To Fix Them


Generally, any type of door knob has a spring-loaded latch. When the door knob is turned, the latch protrudes since the spring which is pulled is compressed. The spring is then extended when the door is latched. A door handle cannot turn if the door knob is locked. Homeowners in Singapore frequently face an issue with their door knobs or handles due to improper functioning. This issue usually happens with bedroom or bathroom door knobs which can be problematic due to the loss of privacy. We are going to tackle common door knob issues and teach you how to fix them.

Knob Turns but Cannot Open


There are times wherein you notice that the door knob is turning, but the door is not opening. The reason behind this is the handle does not compress the latch spring due to several causes. To fix this problem, you first need to get the door open. If the knob happens to be on the exterior door, you need to make sure that all the other locks are open. Therefore, all handles of the knob should be removed from the door using a screwdriver.

Also, remove the spindle of the door knob. Using a screwdriver, you should try to retract the latch. If the latch is retracting, then the door knob is not connected to the spindle properly. There may be a problem with the knob handle, spindle, or it is not connected properly to apply the required pressure. Each of these parts should be checked and if there are damaged parts, they should be replaced. If there is no major damage, the handle should be connected to the door and spindle such that enough pressure is applied.

If the latch is not retracting, there may be a problem with the latch housing, spring, or other parts. Many homeowners do not have the skills and tools to correctly diagnose and fix the problem. The homeowners can replace the entire latch mechanism while retaining the door knobs, or hire a professional from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore.

Loose Door Knob


Owing to the force applied, door knobs often become loose over a while. The proper technique for tightening the door knob will depend on the type of knob and latch. One way of fixing this issue is by detaching the screw on the shank of the knob. The knob should then be held from the opposite side and turned in the clockwise direction until it fits properly. Afterward, the screw should be tightened to rest against the spindle on its flat side. If this method does not tighten the door knob, the knob should be removed to check its spindle. If the spindle of the knob is damaged, it needs to be replaced. If the entire latch or lock is damaged, then the entire latch should be replaced.

Stuck Lock Button

The lock button is normally found on interior door knobs only. There are some simple solutions for a stuck door lock button. One of the solutions is to apply pressure on the lock button for quite a while and then release it. Another way to resolve the problem is to apply more pressure on the locked button quickly until the button becomes loose. If this does not work, the door knob should be moved up and down, while still applying pressure on the lock button. These are the recommended ways when the lock button is stuck inside.

In other cases, the lock button is stuck outside, and it is impossible to press it in. If you move the knob up or down, it will also move different parts. The latch bolt may also get stuck. One way of resolving this issue is to remove the door knob, then latch it from the door, and clean it.

Broken Key inside Door Knob


You can use needle-nosed pliers to get a hold of the broken key and pull it out. If pliers are ineffective, try using a saw blade. Alternately, the cylinder of the door knob should be removed, and insert a stiff wire to push the stuck key out.


There are common problems with door knob or handle, and if you encounter one of them, there are possible ways on how to fix it too. The most common problem is when the door does not open and close properly, and this problem is easy to solve. If the entire lock or latch is damaged, it is ideal to seek help from a professional like A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore. Our professionals have years of experience, and they can fix any kind of door knob problem.


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