Common Issues With Your Home Door Knobs and Handles

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Door knobs and door handles are an essential part of any home. However, since they comprise of various  components, certain issues could take place if they are not properly maintained. These issues could make your door difficult to open and close. Furthermore, your door knobs and handles may end up completely irreparable if they are not attended to immediately. As such, it is vital that you familiarize yourself with some common issues that could take place with your door knob or handle so that you can quickly have them resolved when necessary.

Loose Door Handle


A loose lever handle or pull handle is considered one of the most widely-faced problems by homeowners in Singapore. This could happen due to a worn-out spindle, or loose screws in the handle. Improper installation of the handle is also a possible cause. Normally, you can tighten any loose parts so that the door handle can be secured again. Otherwise, hire a professional to repair or replace the handle as soon as possible.


Stuck Door Knob


Another problem experienced by homeowners is when their door knob gets stuck in one position. While this is usually considered a minor problem for interior doors, it can be a major security issue if it occurs with a knob installed on the front or back door of the house. In that case, it is best that you attend to it as soon as you can.

A stuck door knob is often caused by dust and dirt which have accumulated inside the knob and have prevented its internal parts from functioning. But if you think your door knob has been properly cleaned, then it is likely that its components have rusted and need lubrication. It is recommended that you lubricate any rusted parts of the knob you have installed without delay so as to prevent them from breaking.


Jammed Key


As is the case with drawer knobs, any key which is inserted into a door knob could get jammed if its internal parts get heavily damaged or are rusty. The same could happen if the key itself is rusted or has been turned much too forcibly. Whatever the cause, this problem can be extremely inconvenient as it causes people to be locked in or out of a certain area.

To remove a jammed key from inside your door knob, try pushing the keyhole plug and gently twist the key out. Otherwise, spray WD-40 lubricant into the keyhole and gently wiggle the key out of the lock. You could also try using a small pair of pliers to try and pry the key out. If all else fails, hiring a professional to assist you might be your only option.


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