Common Mistakes People Make During DIY Door Knob Replacement


A door knob is a tool used for opening, closing, and securing the door. Door knobs are usually subjected to a lot of damages due to their frequent open and close function throughout their daily use.

Our company A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore offers knobs and handles services in Singapore at affordable prices. To help you avoid 5 common mistakes made when changing the door knob, in this blog, we will explain how you can make the door knob replacement yourself.

Buying The Wrong Knob


Usually, the first mistake made starts with buying the wrong knobs. When purchasing locks, try not to be attracted by the low cost, elegance, and beautiful design. Cheap locks with these features bypass security and make it easier for thieves to steal them.

When purchasing locks, be sure that:

  • The lock is difficult to open using simple techniques.
  • The lock is suitable to the type of door on which it is to be installed.
  • Instructions are read.

We know that it is difficult to determine which lock is the right one. To ensure optimal security, you can hire one of our professionals at A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore to help you install a new lock.

Orienting The Knob Incorrectly


The next common mistake homeowners make is that they install the new door knob or bolt the wrong way, and they often realize this after installing the screws. This constantly happens due to not having enough experience and skills, and not reading the instructions.

Make sure to read the instructions as they will instruct you on how to do proper door knob replacement. This will prevent the frustration of knowing that a lock has been installed incorrectly. To save yourself from the hassle of installing a lock, let A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore complete the work for you. We know how to fix your door knob problems in no time and in a professional manner.

Measuring Incorrectly


This error is usually due to impatience. To install the door knobs, you should have exact measurements. Take your time to patiently measure and mark where you need to make the holes, and use a pencil when marking.

Incorrect measurements lead to the incorrect drilling of holes, which would result in incorrect installation of the lock and damage to your door.

Make sure to drill the holes in the exact place. Keep in mind that most doors need a lever lock. Door knob installation requires three holes that must be correctly aligned with each other.

Avoid making this error as it can lead to replacing the entire door. We highly suggest homeowners to let a professional do the work. Our professional locksmiths will perfectly complete the job in no time.

Not Measuring from The Bevel

Another mistake that most homeowners commit is when they measure from the bevel. To ensure the exact measurement, measure from the non-beveled side of the door instead.

Remember that doors are designed to align perfectly with the door jamb when closed. The bevel is always in line with the door lock plate. Thus, your lock must be in line with the bevel; otherwise, the door lock will malfunction.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us; our company offers knob and handle installation services in Singapore at affordable prices.

Ignoring Current Weather Conditions


Weather conditions usually affect exterior doors as they can cause them to expand or shrink. For this reason, the locks can become difficult to operate or get completely stuck.

The biggest mistake is ignoring the weather conditions in Singapore. Failure to consider the slight swelling and shrinkage effect that extreme temperature changes produce can result in all of the mistakes that are described above.

When installing a knob in extreme temperature conditions, make sure to engage with a locksmith from A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore. We can guarantee that your lock is perfectly adjusted.


If you are planning to install a door knob or handle, you must ensure to avoid common mistakes such as buying the wrong knob, orienting the knob incorrectly, measuring incorrectly, not measuring from the bevel, and ignoring the current weather conditions in Singapore. If you do not follow these steps, it can result in frequent door knob malfunctions or if it has incurred major damages, then the entire door needs to be replaced which could be more expensive.

We, at A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore, have a team of locksmith professionals who can perfectly do door knob replacement. To know more about our door knob and door handle installation services, feel free to contact us.


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