Dangers of DIY Knob Installation

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There are many professionals in Singapore who are capable of installing door knobs of varying designs and mechanisms. Despite this, some would prefer to install their knobs on their own in order to save costs. They might also be unable to contact a professional installer at the moment. Although installing your door knob by yourself might seem ideal, it can actually present a lot of dangers. Some of these dangers include the following:

  • Loose Door Knob Parts


A door knob comprises several movable parts which must operate together so that it can function properly. If you attempt to install your home’s door knob yourself, these parts could end up becoming loose. In extreme cases, the damage could even leave the knob totally unusable.

To avoid any irreparable damage, hire a professional to install your door knob for you. That way, you can ensure that it works properly and that no vital door knob parts become loose.

  • Misaligned Lock

In order for a door knob to work properly, its lock needs to be aligned correctly so that the knob does not end up locking from the wrong side. Unfortunately, many people fail to remember this. As a result, they end up getting locked in or out of their home after installing their newly bought door knob. To avoid such a problem, hire a professional to install your door knob for you rather than doing it yourself.

  • Improper Drilling


As is the case with door handles, installing door knobs requires some drilling so that they are properly secured. Because many homeowners lack drilling experience, they often end up causing their door knobs to become loose after installing them. Take note that drilling holes for a door knob involves a number of technical procedures, many of which can be hard to understand and complete without proper training. For this reason, it is best that you ask help from a professional to install your door knob.

  • Incorrect Door Measurement

In order to prevent difficulties when opening and closing your door, it needs to be properly measured before a door handle or door knob is installed. Many people who attempt to install their door knob themselves fail to take the needed measurements. Because of this, simply opening and closing their door becomes more troublesome than it should be.  For you to avoid this problem and other common door knob issues, contact a professional to install your door knob for you.




Seeking assistance from a professional to get your door knob installed can prevent various mechanical issues from taking place. Thus, do not hesitate to engage our knob installation services at A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore. By calling us, you can get your door knob installed securely and efficiently.

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