Different Types of Drawer Knobs For Your Home


For some people, a drawer knob is just an ordinary piece of hardware with not much function. In truth, it actually helps to improve the appearance of your home or space so it can look much more appealing.

It is extremely vital to select a drawer door knob very carefully if you are interested in enhancing the appearance of your drawer and room. To have an idea of the variation of knobs to choose from, here is a list of the different types of knobs that you can install on your drawers:

1. Glass Drawer Knobs


A glass knob is one of the best knobs that you can opt for as it helps create a luxurious look. This kind of knob uses crystal or glass material to enhance its shape and ensure utmost durability. Such knobs are best installed on drawers in your dining room and living room.

2. Marble Drawer Knobs

If you are interested in knobs that will last you for a very long time, then marble knobs are a highly recommended choice. In fact, clay marble knobs are currently trending due to their precise, small, and have intricate details. Just like they would when installed as wardrobe knobs or cabinet knobs, marble knobs are sure to add glamour to your drawers.

3. Antique Drawer Knobs


Also known as vintage drawer knobs, antique drawer door knobs usually consist of alloy and are known to be quite intricate and beautiful. Although they are usually installed as door knobs for old wooden doors, they can also be used for cabinets and drawers. If you are aiming for a classic look with a vintage feel for your drawers, an antique knob is a perfect choice for you. Should you decide to purchase one, have a professional install it for you to prevent any damage to your drawers.

4. Mold Drawer Knobs

Mold knobs have been a highly popular choice for drawer knobs for a long time. These knobs are normally made using air clay and are shaped such that they are comfortable to grip.  Furthermore, they tend to exude a casual look. These knobs can also be painted with glitters to exude a trendier and more appealing appearance. If you are interested in a knob that is simple yet colorful, you can opt for a mold drawer knob. Once you have purchased it, ask a professional knob and handle services to install them for you. However, be aware of the things to look out for when hiring a professional knob and handle installer to avoid any damage while your knobs are being installed.

5. Kids Drawer Knobs


One of the most important factors to consider when buying wardrobe handles is the hardware available for your kid’s room which deserves as much attention as the other rooms of your home. This fact also applies when you are purchasing drawer knobs. When selecting a knob for your kid’s drawers, you can opt for wooden drawer knobs with cartoon characters or those shaped like vegetables and fruits. To have a kid’s drawer knob properly installed, seek the assistance of a professional to prevent any dangers that sometimes occur during a DIY knob installation.


Knowing the right type of knob for your drawers can greatly help in amplifying the look of your furniture and room. In Singapore, A1 Knobs and Handle offers knobs and handles installation services. We also have a collection of knob and handle products which you can choose from for your furniture needs.

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