Do’s and Don’ts To Follow When Selecting Wardrobe Knobs


Replacing your wardrobe doors can be one of the best furniture decisions you can make. In fact, it is one of the smartest, cheapest, and easiest ways to enhance your room’s appearance. Take note however that just selecting the right wardrobe door is not enough. No matter how attractive your wardrobe door looks, it could end up looking awkward if fitted with the wrong knobs. Therefore, it is important to select a wardrobe knob carefully. To replace your wardrobe knobs efficiently, you can hire professionals offering knob and handle services in Singapore.

Take note of the following do’s and don’ts when selecting wardrobe knobs:


Selecting The Proper Locking Mechanism


Just as there are a wide variety of door knobs available for purchase, there are also many wardrobe locking mechanisms to choose from. That said, it is extremely important that you make your choice carefully. Take note that some locks are designed for a specific wardrobe door only and cannot be used for any other doors. To make sure that you choose the right knob, you can try consulting with your trusted  assigned to perform a knob installation or replacement for you.

Purchasing The Right Number Of Knobs

Whether you are buying cabinet knobs or drawer knobs, you should identify the exact number of knobs that you need. Though this may sound pretty obvious, many people make the mistake of not buying the right number of knobs. If you buy less than what is needed, you will have to make another purchase which will cost you time and money. This applies also if you buy more knobs than you need. In order to ensure that you buy the exact number of knobs your wardrobe doors require, be sure to write it down before you start shopping.

Taking The Needed Measurements


One of the factors to consider when buying wardrobe handles for your home as well as wardrobe knobs is proper measurement. If you end up selecting a wardrobe knob that is either too big or too small, it may appear disproportionate to your wardrobe doors. You should also see to it that the wardrobe knobs you purchase are properly sized for the other components of your wardrobe doors so you can easily open and close them.

Considering Your Budget

No matter what wardrobe knobs you are buying, you must keep your budget in mind. Remember that in most instances, wardrobe knobs are sold in sets rather than individually. If you fail to take note of your budget, you could end up buying knobs that are too costly or too cheap so as to be highly undurable.. By knowing what knobs you can afford, you can ensure that the ones you buy are of good quality and are priced affordably..

If you think you have an idea of what knobs you can afford but face difficulty in choosing, feel free to consult a professional. One of the benefits of hiring a professional to install knobs and handles is they can help you in choosing good quality knob products at an affordable price.


Failing To Check The Knob’s Clearance


One common mistake that most people make while selecting a wardrobe knob is forgetting to check if there is enough clearance for their wardrobe doors when opened. It is important to measure how much distance exists between your doors when they are opened so they can open completely and to prevent any knob damage.

In case you experience difficulty measuring the space between your opened wardrobe doors, avoid making any guesses. Instead, you should contact a company with professional handle installation services who can do so for you. This will ensure that you purchase knobs which will allow your wardrobe doors to open completely without any damage taking place.

Sticking To Just One Finish

If you truly want your new wardrobe doors to look attractive, then avoid sticking to a single knob finish. For instance, you can opt for dull bronze handles for your wardrobe doors if you have polished silver handles installed for your drawers. Experimenting with different finishes for your wardrobe handles will ensure that your wardrobe doors look as striking as possible. Thus, do not resist experimenting with different handles even as you try to maintain consistency in style.


Knowing the do’s and don’ts of choosing wardrobe knobs can help you in selecting the right ones for your wardrobe doors. If you remain unsure on what to choose however, you can contact A1 Knobs and Handles Singapore. We have professionals who can help you in choosing the correct knobs for your furniture. Moreover, we offer a variety of knob and handle products that you can install on your wardrobe doors.

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