Factors to Consider When Buying Wardrobe Handles for Your Home

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Like door handles, wardrobe handles have a significant impact on your home’s aesthetic. As such, it is important to know which ones are most appropriate. Installing the wrong wardrobe handles can negatively affect your home’s appearance and can even make it difficult to access your wardrobe.

To help you in your purchase, here are some factors to consider when buying wardrobe handles for your home:



As you would when choosing door knobs and handles for your home, always make sure to consider a wardrobe handle’s design. This should match with the general theme of your home’s interior decor. Your wardrobe handles should also match your closet doors as well as complement your room’s layout. It should also have the right shape so that you can open and close your closet easily. Furthermore, it should be able to match with other door furniture you have such as your drawer handles.


Handle Type

Wardrobe closet doors come in many different styles. Therefore, it is only natural that there are varying types of wardrobe handles as well. These come in two main groups- namely visible handles and invisible handles.

  • Visible Handles


These are considered the most popular type of wardrobe handles to install. Among their various models, pull handles or lever handles are probably the most common. Pull handles, in particular, are known to be extremely helpful for people with disabilities, the elderly, and children.

  • Invisible Handles


Hiring a professional to install these handles is ideal in case you prefer a minimalist style for your closet doors. Although you might need to have them shaved if your closet doors are custom-made. Normally, there are three kinds of invisible wardrobe handles you can purchase. These consist of push latches (completely invisible), integrated handles (mostly invisible), and hidden pulls (barely noticeable).


Type of Finish


Just like wardrobe knobs, wardrobe handles come in varying types of finishes. For instance, there are those painted with a flat finish which makes them completely nonreflective (black ones being the most popular). Antique-finished handles are also available and can be used with elegant closets.

Take note that not all finishes for door knobs and handles look the same. A wardrobe handle with a brown matte finish from one brand may have a slightly different appearance as opposed to the same kind of handle from another brand. As such, never forget to make proper comparisons when choosing a wardrobe handle with a certain type of finish.

Some people have custom-made closet doors with a totally unique design which may not match with door handles purchased from your typical hardware store. If you happen to be one of them, you might want to have your handles built by the same professionals who made your closet doors. Besides ensuring consistency, this is also less time-consuming than trying to search for matching handles in person or online.


Your Budget

As is the case with cabinet handles, some wardrobe handles tend to be extremely expensive and even costly to maintain. To avoid spending heavily, be sure to buy a handle which fits right into your budget. Take note that there are many affordable wardrobe handles with a good design which can still add to your home’s aesthetic. In addition, there are many simple-looking handles that are much easier to maintain than those with luxurious designs.



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