Five Reasons to Opt For A Door Knob Replacement


Both landlords and tenants enjoy the benefits of regular home maintenance. Indeed, home maintenance is a shared responsibility that everyone has to play a specific role in, whether big or small. Take note that regular home maintenance plays a critical role in extending a home’s longevity and keeping it comfortable and secure. That said, some landlords fail to replace their door knobs until their entire lock system becomes damaged beyond repair thereby causing undue suffering to tenants.

It is important to remember that a door knob replacement should be a regular exercise that should preferably be undertaken at least once a year. Replacing a door knob should also be done when certain signs are present.

Here are some indicators of a needed door knob replacement:

Recent Break-In


A recent burglary or break-in into your apartment is an indication that you need to replace your door knob with one that has a more sophisticated locking system. In most cases, burglars will cause severe damage to the locks as they try to make a forced entry into the home.

For as long as you have a home door knob with a robust locking mechanism, even though intruders may succeed in breaking your lock down, you will have enough to exit your home through the back door. For this reason, strong door locks play a very critical role in boosting home security. Keep in mind that burglars will do anything possible to weaken door locks while attempting to make entry. Many of them in fact apply excessive blunt force that weakens the lock’s durability. Thus, notify your landlord about damaged knobs immediately. By doing so, they can install new door knobs that are less vulnerable to becoming damaged.

Stolen/Lost Keys

In most cases, a person who steals your keys could have information about your home address or use advanced technology to trace where you live. Lost keys jeopardise the your personal security since you lose control of your home’s security as well. Thus, it is not advisable to assume that no person can trace your property within a few minutes and rob you of precious items.

Any tenant should alert their landlord immediately after losing their keys so that they can quickly have their locks replaced. Replacing the lock system as soon as possible deprives any intruders of a chance to gain access into your home unauthorised. Therefore, contact a reliable and a trusted locksmith to have your locks replaced immediately if you sense that your keys have been stolen.

The Door Knob Doesn’t Feel Secure

Does your locked door feel secure once you give it a slight tug? If not, it is undoubtedly the right time to think about having a new door knob type installed. Take note that leaving your knobs unsecured makes your home more vulnerable to break-ins. Professional buglers will only need a few minutes to break into your home, leaving you with no time to protect yourself or alert authorities. Therefore, it is critical to make immediate repairs to any locks that compromise your property security.

Door Knob Doesn’t Turn Smoothly


Are you experiencing difficulties when trying to open your door? This could mean that your locks suffer from a specific type of impairment which will warrant replacement. Like door handles, door knobs are designed to turn on smoothly so if you experience any problems when turning them, have them replaced to ensure your safety. You can also opt to repair the knobs, but in case you want to secure your property, it is best to replace them entirely.

Old Door Knobs


Although some property managers and landlords tend to ignore the number of years their home’s door handle or knob has been used, the fact is that aged locks are more vulnerable to picking. Even if your old lock system seems to be functioning properly, it is best to replace it with a model that is much more secure. This will ensure that you are well-protected against intruders including those with more sophisticated picking methods.


With so many issues to be concerned about within daily life, the last thing you need to worry about is your home security being threatened by inferior or compromised locks. Therefore. be sure to have your door knob replaced if you have experienced recent break-ins, have lost your keys, and also when the knob does not feel secure, does not turn smoothly, or is simply old. To avail of professional door knob replacement services, contact A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore today.

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