How to Install A Wardrobe Knob


An easy but remarkable way to give your wardrobe a new look is to add a new wardrobe knob or wardrobe handle. Bearing in mind how little effort, time, and the cost is involved, you will definitely be surprised at the effect this change creates. What is also cool is that you can install a wardrobe knob by yourself, and here are the steps you will need to follow:

Steps for Wardrobe Knob Installation 


1.Make the required measurements  

If you have flat-faced doors, place your knobs at a fixed distance from the floor. Using tape, measure 36 inches from the floor and then make a slight mark with an erasable pencil on your wardrobe door about 1-3 inches from the outside edge.

Measure the width of your wardrobe door and make a mark in the middle, around the same height as the first mark.

Hold a level on your first mark. Now, center the bubble to make your level horizontal and then create an “X” at the point where your level is intersected by an imaginary line from your second mark.

2.Locate the center of the middle rail 

Now, locate the center of the middle rail on your paneled doors. To do so, you have to place a straight edge diagonally from the top corner of your wardrobe door’s rail to the bottom corner on the other side. Afterward, draw a light line around two to three inches in length.

At this stage, keeping the straight edge right on the opposite pair of your wardrobe’s diagonal corners, mark an “X” on the point where it intersects with the first line.

3.Start drilling 


A 3/16-inch- diameter hole is typically needed for a wardrobe knob. However, to ensure the right size, it is best to make a test hole on a piece of wood using a drill.

At the center of the “X” you labeled, start drilling through the front of your wardrobe door. To ensure you do not drill into your closet, it is best that you keep the door open.

4.Attach the knob 


IKEA wardrobe knobs usually come with two screws of varying lengths. The shorter screw is for the wardrobe’s door while the longer screw is for the drawers with false fronts attached to the drawer boxes.

Now, insert the smaller screw from the back of your wardrobe door through the hole that you have drilled. Next, thread your wardrobe knob onto this screw and use a screwdriver to secure it while firmly gripping the wardrobe knob.

How to Place Your Wardrobe Knob 


 1. Leading-edge of the leading door 

Placing your wardrobe knob at the leading edge of the leading door may deprive you of the leverage you need to open it. That said, doing so might also make it easier to close the door.

2. Middle of the leading door 
This position is ideal as it will greatly minimize the force needed to open and close your wardrobe door.
3. Middle of the leading door’s panel 

If you own a door with panels, place your wardrobe knob at the center of the wall as opposed to the center of the door.

4. Hinge edge of the leading door 

Opening your wardrobe door will be much easier if you choose to place your knob by the hinge edge of the leading door. At the same time however, it will make closing the door much more difficult.

5. Hinge edge of the trailing door 

With this kind of placement, opening your wardrobe doors may prove much easier. However, it can also put pressure on the guide pin which can cause damage..

6. Centre of the trailing door 

In this case, both opening and closing the door will need a bit of force.


Though installing wardrobe knobs is not normally considered a difficult process, it is still important to follow the steps mentioned above to ensure that the installation goes smoothly. In case you continue to experience difficulty installing your knobs, be sure to call A1 Knobs and Handles Singapore. When it comes to installing different types of wardrobe knobs, we have incredibly professional workers with a lot of experience. For more detail on our installation prices, feel free to contact us through WhatsApp.

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