How to Repair A Loose Drawer Knob


Almost all drawers have a knob or pull to allow the user to open it easily. Over time, however, drawer knobs can become loose due for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, the loose knob comes off in the hand of the person opening the drawer or even falls.

A drawer knob can also become loose when the wood gets worn out. For others, there may be a problem with the screw and how it has been secured. In any case, it is advisable to fix the loose knob as soon as possible or to hire a knob and handle services to repair it so you can continue making use of your drawer.

If you decide to fix a loose drawer knob yourself, take note of the following procedures:

Unscrew The Knob


Similar to when you are fixing a loose lever handle, the first step in fixing a loose knob is to unscrew the knob from the drawer. By doing so, you can better identify why the knob became loose in the first place. In some cases, the wood of the drawer may have sustained damage due to the drawer being made of cheap material. Otherwise, excessive force is a possibility.

Pour Glue Into The Hole


After inspecting the damage on your drawer knob’s location, fill the gap with toothpicks and then pour in an adequate amount of wood glue. The toothpicks will act as a substitute for the damaged wood. Afterward, wait at least one whole day to allow the glue to dry properly before reattaching the drawer knob.

Remove The Screws

Like cabinet knobs and wardrobe knobs, drawer knobs are normally affixed with screws. In many cases, the screws either wear out thereby causing the knob to loosen. Thus, after pouring glue into the hole where the knob is placed, remove the screws and inspect them for damage. Should you detect any signs of damage, you can simply buy new screws with the same dimensions from your nearest hardware store.

Pour Glue Into The Thread Cavity

Many knobs regardless of the type usually fall off because of repeated pressure which causes the threads stabilizing the screws to strip. After removing the screws, pour glue into the thread cavity to ensure that the screws are properly resecured. Once you have done that, allow the glue to dry for at least one day.

Re-secure The Knob


Once the glue in the thread cavity hardens, you can now screw the knob back onto your drawer. If your knob remains loose, however, it might be better for you to buy new knobs and handles from your nearest hardware store.


Repairing a loose drawer knob is easy if you have the proper tools and knowledge in fixing knobs. For an average homeowner, however, this may be too complicated and time-consuming a task. In case you experience any difficulty therefore, you can simply seek assistance from A1 Knobs and Handles Singapore We have experienced workers who can fix any problems with your drawer knobs. We also have a collection of various knob and handle products to add to your other appliances and furniture.

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