How to Repair A Stiff Door Handle In Singapore


Like door knobs, issues can arise with door handles if they are misused or not installed properly. One of these issues involves the door handle becoming stiff when an attempt is made to open it. In order to resolve this as quickly as possible, be sure to take note of the following:

Why Does A Door Handle Become Stiff?


The tubular latch is generally considered to be the most critical part of any door handle. This component is located within the door handle and consists of a combination of gears that allow it to be opened and closed. It also comprises a metal bar or a spindle that rotates a metal disc aligned inside the latch. When the latch is turned, energy is directly transferred to the internal set of springs that pulls in the latch tongue which opens the door. If the pull or lever handle is stiff, therefore, it is a likely indication of an underlying issue with the latch which will require some repairs.


How Can You Fix A Stiff Handle?

Step One: Remove The Door Handle


Gather all the necessary tools needed to repair your stiff door handle. Using your screwdriver, remove the handle from the door. Whatever type of door handle you have will determine how easy or complicated it will be to remove the bolts and screws affixed onto the door. Once the bolts and screws are loosened, gently pull the handle from the door frame. Check if the handle has small grub screws on its handle neck that could be preventing it from coming out smoothly. In case any are present, use a wrench to loosen them.


Step Two: Check For Obstructions Or Signs Of Damage


Once you have successfully removed the handle from the door frame, check for any signs of obstructions or damage caused by a foreign object. While holding the handle you have installed, pull it several times and see if there are any differences. Be sure to also check if the spring attached on the back cam of the door handle is broken or missing. If so, repairing or replacing it will be necessary. Afterward, apply WD40 onto the handle to lubricate and loosen the seized components.


Step Three: Remove The Latch


If the type of door handle you have is still in good condition, then the next component to check is the tubular latch. Simply remove the latch by unscrewing the two screws from the latch faceplate on the edge of the door. After that, slide the tubular latch. Once you separate the tubular latch from the door frame, you can now inspect it closely.


Step Four: Inspect The Latch Body

When checking the latch body, see its parts show any signs of defects. Take note that a stiff door handle could result from minor door knob and handle issues such as a loose latch spring. You can also use your index finger to push out the latch bolt tongue and check if it still functions properly.

If the latch body only presents some minor issues, then you can simply have it repaired. Otherwise, it will need to be replaced entirely.


Step Five: Check The Latch’s Rotating Lugs

Just because the latch body of a door knob or handle appears to be in good condition does not mean that the latch itself does not have any issues. Once you have finished inspecting the latch body, be sure to check the latch’s rotating lugs as well. Take note that most tubular latches come with two revolving lugs on both margins which allow the spindle to pass through. If the lugs get blocked by dirt and debris, then the latch’s mechanism could also be affected.



Having a stiff door handle can be an extremely inconvenient experience. Once you are aware of the previously listed steps, however, you will be able to repair it immediately. In case you do not have the tools needed to repair your door handle yourself, just contact a professional door knob and handle service like A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore. Our team of professionals can help you fix your stiff door handle in no time.


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