How to Select The Right Door Knob Finish for Your Home


Some people think of door knobs as hardware having little effect on the appearance of a home. In truth, knobs enhance the elegance of a home as well as complement surrounding decor just like door handles. In order for knobs to look aesthetically pleasing however, they should have the right finish. Take note that door knobs sold in Singapore come in a wide variety of finishes and styles. By familiarizing yourself with them, you can better determine which door knob you should install for your home.

The following is a list of different door knob finishes that you can select from:


  1. Satin, Chrome, and Steel


Metal finishes offer a wide variety of stylish silver-gray shades that can match several home decors. Most modern homeowners prefer to install door knobs with satin nickel finishes due to their soft sheen and the fact that they match most design themes. Door knobs made of distressed nickel on the other hand bring out a natural patina and a dark look which make them ideal for traditional home decors especially those comprising wood accents and natural stones.

For stainless steel and chrome, their flexible design and silvery brightness makes them among the most popular finishes for different types of door knobs and handles for highly polished homes as well as modem and retro-themed homes. Satin chrome meanwhile has a more naturally textured finish with a subdued color that better suits traditional designs.


  1. Bronze


The brown and orange undertones of bronze are highly suitable for both dark and light colored decor. In fact, satin bronze door knobs provide a natural and lavish look that matches perfectly with trim and wood floors. As for home door knobs made of aged-bronze, they are a good fit for modern and traditional decor due to their stronger color and red and black undertones. However, an oil-rubbed bronze door knob is the best knob to select if you want to include texture and dark tones in the spaces of your home. Whichever bronze finish you choose, remember that it will retain its original appearance even as it ages. As such, it looks even more elegant over time.


  1. Brass


Brass-colored door knobs are generally a good match for traditional home decor. Although they are relatively more expensive, they can give your home a much enhanced appearance thanks to their shiny and sparkling look and polished yellow-gold colour. On the other hand, newly installed or replacement door knobs made of antique brass consist of a more rustic look and darker color which makes them more fitting for traditional-looking homes.


  1. Attractive Pewter

If you intend to give your home an ultra modern design, then hiring a professional to install door knobs made of Pewter finish is highly recommended. Pewter is a fine combination of tin alloy and gray-silver. Thus, door knobs with this finish are best installed on rustic doors made with shiny steel or chrome. They are also highly suitable for deeply-colored decor and can conceal any scratches or smudges they incur.


  1. Colored Ceramic or Enamel

Colored ceramic knobs are not only long-lasting but also versatile, thus making them the best choice for front doors. They also fit perfectly with contemporary decor and come in a wide range of colors including but not limited to blue, red, white, and black. Many of them are also designed with elegant patterns and can give any home a striking look once installed by a professional knob and handle installer.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Finish


  1. Overall Design Theme

When choosing a door knob finish, see to it that it matches your home’s overall design. For instance, if you have a traditional-looking home, then a door knob with a polished chrome or bronze finish is probably the best hardware to install. It is extremely important that you consider your entire home’s design elements in order to ensure that both your exterior and interior and knobs go perfectly with those elements. Furthermore, it is best that you keep things as simple as possible to prevent your home from looking too flashy. Remember, knobs are highly visible. Therefore, you should purchase those that are sure to enhance the design of your entire space before you opt for a door knob replacement or installation.


  1. Door Function


As is the case when choosing door handles for your home, it is critical to consider your door’s specific function before selecting a door knob finish. Door functions vary from one door to another depending on the needs of the owner. Examples include privacy, storage, keyed entry, and passage. If you choose a door knob finish that does not suit your door function, you could experience great inconvenience.


  1. Consider Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from your door knob’s style and design, you also need to consider aesthetic appeal when choosing a door knob finish. Take note that there is no need to have a professional install door knobs with cheap-looking finishes that do not suit your home. In fact, it is always advisable to buy decent-looking door hardware that can perfectly match your home’s style. By doing so, you greatly improve the appearance of your home and make it more comfortable to live in. You also end up enhancing the value of your home as a result.


  1. Existing Door Accessories

The accessories you have on your door plays an important role in determining which door knob finish you should select. For example, if you have ornate-looking door grills installed, buying satin nickel door knobs may be a better option than buying knobs made of bronze. Never forget that how your existing door products blend with your new door knobs can affect the overall appearance of your home. If the door knob finish you select differs greatly from the design of your door accessories, your entire door could eventually appear mismatched with other door hardware which you have installed.



Door knobs come in a wide range of finishes, some of which include satin, bronze, brass, and pewter. When selecting the right door knob finish, make sure that it matches the overall design theme of your home. It is also vital that it be compatible with your existing door accessories and your door’s function. Lastly, see to it that it provides the right aesthetic appeal. Once you have the best door knob finish for your home, contact A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore to install your knobs for you. We can install your door knobs at a fast and efficient pace whilst also making sure that your home’s appearance is greatly enhanced.


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