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Our services cater to a variety of handles styles and designs. Simply send us a picture of your handle through WhatsApp and our customer service agents will assist you!

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We offer installation, replacement and repair of door knobs and handles for commercial and residential. Our services cater to door knobs and handles, cabinet handles, wardrobe handles, drawer handles and more. Simply WhatsApp us and we will provide recommendations and advice regarding the service you need.

Signs that you need to change your cabinet knobs

  1. Loose knob
  2. Broken knob
  3. Jammed knob

Factors to consider when choosing a cabinet knob include:

– Design: When choosing a door knob, wardrobe knob, drawer knob, ensure that it matches with the overall aesthetic of your home and the surrounding furniture.

– Type of finish: There are various knobs finishes, such as matte black, shiny silver or antique finish. Ensure that your cabinet knobs finish matches with the overall theme and aesthetic of your home.

– Budget: When buying cabinet knobs, take note that price does not always reflect quality. At times, expensive cabinet knobs may appear more sturdy, however, they may be difficult to maintain in the long term. Likewise, there are affordable options which are easy to maintain and are made of quality materials. Therefore, instead of prioritising price, you should consider quality instead.

Our Projects

We have successfully completed door knob and door handle installation for both commercial and residential spaces including HDB door lock installation, condo and landed housing.