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We offer installation, repair and replacement for various types of door knobs in commercial and residential. Our door knob services are versatile and cater to a variety of knobs hardware, including cabinet knobs, drawer knobs, wardrobe knobs and more. If you require door knob services, simply WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032 for consultation and fast booking of our door knobs and handles services.

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Types of door knobs

Common door knob problems

Types of door knobs

Door knobs are a basic home hardware that provides you with added security and privacy. They come in various styles and designs that can add a significant impact to your home’s interior design.

If you are looking to buy new door knobs for your home doors and furniture, here are some common types of door knobs you can consider purchasing.



The half-dummy knob is typically used on furniture as cabinet knobs, wardrobe knobs, and drawer knobs as it does not rotate or have a locking mechanism. It is one-sided and is only meant for pulling doors open.




Passage knobs are used for interior passages and furniture which do not require locks. Passage knobs can be twisted and pulled open from either side of the door.




Privacy door knobs are used for doors that require a locking mechanism for privacy. These are commonly installed in bedrooms and bathrooms and need to be unlocked from the inside. It features an emergency unlocking mechanism in case one gets locked in or out by accident.


Store room

storeroom-door-knob-types-a1-knobs-&-handles-singapore (2)

A storeroom door knob, commonly used in storerooms, consists of a key cylinder for locking and unlocking, as well as a rotatable knob on the other side.


Keyed entry

The keyed entry door knob is commonly used for home door knobs and consists of a keyed cylinder on the exterior knob. The difference between a storeroom door knob and keyed entry door knob is that a keyed knob features a button or twist mechanism on the interior knob.



After identifying which type of door knob you need to install or replace for your home door knobs, contact a professional to install your door knob for you. There are various benefits of hiring a professional to install your home door knobs, including preventing the risk of dangers of DIY knob installation.


If you are experiencing any home door knob issues, here are common door knob problems faced by homeowners.


Common door knob problems

Door knob problems are highly inconvenient for homeowners as it hinders their daily activities and chores. Homeowners may neglect their door knobs until a problem arises, which brings them discomfort. There are various reasons for door knob issues, including DIY door knob installation. Here are some common door knob problems you may face.

Jammed key


Homeowners might face a jammed key in their door knob if they forcefully attempt to insert the key and unlock the door. Other common causes include a rusted key and rusted or damaged door knob components. To solve this, it is best to engage professional door knob services to have your door knob replaced completely. However, if you would like to try DIY knob repair, you can attempt to push the keyhole plug and gently twist the key out. Spraying WD-40 lubricant may also help to push out the stuck key slowly. Alternatively, use small pliers and try to pry the key out.


Stuck knob


Door knobs can get stuck if dirt buildup inside the knob prevents the internal mechanism from functioning. In addition, rusty components and lack of lubrication can cause your knob to be stuck.



If you are experiencing any of these door knob problems, contact A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore for professional door knob replacement services. We offer door knob replacement services at affordable prices, quality guaranteed.


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