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– Signs you need to replace your drawer handle

Signs you need to replace your drawer handle

Drawer handles are a basic necessity for your home or office drawers. Depending on the function of the drawers, drawer handles may be used heavily on a daily basis. Hence, drawer handles can be prone to common handle issues if they are not properly taken care of. Here are some signs you need to replace your drawer handle.

Damaged drawer handle

There are several reasons and situations where your drawer handle gets damaged. Two common symptoms of a damaged drawer handle are loose screws and unusual noises.

– Loose/ missing screws: Loose handle screws may cause the drawer handle to loosen or fall off. To resolve this, tighten the screws with a screwdriver. You should opt for a professional drawer handle service if you are unable to re-affix the drawer handle yourself.

– Unusual noises: if you hear squeaking, rattling or other unusual noises when opening your drawer, your drawer handle may be loose or require lubrication. You may need to repair or replace your drawer handle completely, depending on the issue.


Loose drawer handle

Drawer handles can loosen after being used for a long time, especially when their nuts and screws fall out. If you still face a loose handle after re-tightening your drawer handle, hire a professional to replace the handle as soon as possible.


Broken drawer handle


If your drawer handle is broken, you should replace it immediately to prevent minor accidents. Depending on your drawer handle type, facing a broken drawer handle may be inconvenient. For example, a damaged wooden handle could also cause splinters, which are painful and difficult to remove.


Sticky drawer handle


Your drawer handles can become sticky due to grease buildup and dirt accumulation over time. To restore your drawer handles to its clean state, use special liquid solutions to remove stubborn grime. You should also consider replacing your old drawer handles if you are unable to remove them completely.


Stuck drawer handle

Drawer handles can get stuck due to dirt buildup over time, clogging your drawer handle components. If you experience difficulty trying to unfasten your drawer handle, the screws may be rusted. Hence, hiring a professional drawer handle replacement service would be the best solution as it saves you time and money.



If you are looking for professional knobs and handles services to repair or replace drawer handles, contact A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore. Our experienced team of professional installers can swiftly replace your old handles, leaving you with a peace of mind.


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