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– How to choose a wardrobe handle

How to choose wardrobe handle

Wardrobe handles can significantly impact your home’s interior aesthetic. Choosing the right wardrobe handles for your bedroom wardrobe allows your home furniture to match well, enhancing your home interior. Below are some factors you should consider when choosing wardrobe handles for your home:



When selecting your wardrobe handle design, ensure that it matches with the overall theme of your home interior decor and furniture. Your wardrobe handles should match with your wardrobe doors and other door handles to complement your room’s layout.


Handle type

Two main styles of wardrobe handles would be: visible handle and invisible handles.

Visible handles


Visible handles are the most popular wardrobe handles installed by homeowners. Common models include pull handles and lever handles. For those living with the elderly, children, or people with disabilities, pull handles are the most helpful option.


Invisible handles


Invisible handles are an ideal choice for minimalistic closet door styles. Three common types of invisible wardrobe handles include: push latches (completely invisible), integrated handles (mostly invisible) and hidden pulls (barely noticeable).

Regardless of the type of handle you choose, ensure that you have it installed by professional wardrobe handle installation services. By hiring a professional installer, you can  enjoy greater convenience and avoid the dangers of DIY handle installation.




Wardrobe handles come in various types of finishes, common styles include non-reflective matte finish and antique-finished handles. Do note that not all door knobs and handle finishes look the same. For instance, a matte handle from one brand may look different than that of another brand. Therefore, ensure that you make thorough comparisons when choosing a wardrobe handle to ensure design consistency.



Some wardrobe handle designs may be more expensive and costly to maintain and repair. To avoid spending heavily, ensure that you buy wardrobe handles that fit your budget, while maintaining its quality. Wardrobe handles with simple designs can even be much easier to maintain, compared to luxurious designs.



Once you have chosen the right wardrobe handles for your new wardrobe, contact A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore for outstanding knobs and handles installation services. Our professional workmanship guarantees your satisfaction, leaving you with beautiful wardrobe handles.


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