Signs You Need to Change Your Drawer Handle

Though as essential as a door knob, a drawer handle is one of those things which is often misused. As a result, it tends to get damaged quite easily. Such damage can prove to be extremely inconvenient and can even prevent you from fulfilling many important tasks. Thus, it is best to be aware of when your drawer handle needs replacement.

By knowing when you need to have a handle replacement done for your drawer handle, you will be able to use your drawer much more easily and avoid any major inconveniences. With that said, be sure to take note of the following signs for when you need to change your drawer handle:

Damaged Handle


Though this might seem obvious at first, a damaged handle can actually be hard to identify at times. In fact, there can be periods when a handle appears to be in good condition despite having underlying damage. Examples of this include:

  • Loose/Missing Screws

Long-term usage of a drawer handle can eventually cause its screws to loosen. If the screws appear to be in good condition, then it might still be possible to reaffix them. Otherwise, try to have them replaced with a newer model. If your nearest hardware store no longer has any screws available, having a professional change your drawer handle entirely might be your only option.

  • Unusual Noises

If you hear unusual noises such as squeaking or rattling whenever you use your drawer handle, it is likely that it has become loose or is in need of lubrication. If a professional is unable to repair the handle, have them replace it instead.


Broken Handle


Just like your home’s door handles, it is always best to replace a drawer handle which appears completely broken. Failing to do so could lead to minor accidents taking place. For instance, a metal handle which has broken in half could cause scarring when touched. Likewise, a wooden handle which is damaged could cause splinters which might be painful and difficult to remove.


Sticky Handle

Like a loose lever handle, a sticky handle is a common problem faced by homeowners. This is usually the result of various forms of dirt and grease building up on the handle over time. To restore the handle to its original state, try cleaning it using special liquid solutions. However, if the grime on the handle seems too stubborn to remove, calling a professional to replace it completely might be the best solution.


Loose Handle

Unlike most door knobs or handles, drawer handles are normally made of either plastic or metallic coated polymer. These are normally glued to the drawer panel in order to allow the user to open and close the drawer.

Usually, a drawer handle can loosen after being used for a long time. This can be due to some nuts or screws which have fallen out. If the handle fails to work properly even after they have been retightened, hire a professional to replace the handle as soon as you can.


Stuck Handle

Just like wardrobe handles, a drawer handle needs to be detached in order for it to be cleaned thoroughly. Normally, this should be a quick and easy process. But if you experience difficulty trying to unfasten your drawer handle, it is likely that its screws have already rusted. In that case, replacing the entire handle will be necessary.

For your stuck drawer handle to be removed safely, call a professional with experience in handle or knob installations and replacements to assist you. Attempting to do so yourself might cause you to injure yourself unintentionally.



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