Things to Consider When Buying New Drawer Knobs


Considering that they are one of the most frequently used pieces of hardware, drawer knobs can get broken, worn out, or dirty over time. For this reason, some homeowners feel the need to replace these knobs so they can continue using their drawers easily. In many cases, it is best to change all the knobs simultaneously so that they do not appear mismatched with each other.

There are many things buyers should consider when purchasing a drawer knob to prevent any issues later on. These include the following:



It is necessary to consider where you will install your knobs and how often you will use them when buying drawer knobs. For wooden drawers and cabinets, it is advisable to use wooden knobs since these are the easiest to install. As for knobs for kitchen drawers, it is advisable to buy those which will be easy to clean. Frequently used drawers on the other hand are best fitted with knobs that are comfortable and easy to use.

Knob Style


There are three different styles of knobs: contemporary, transitional, and traditional. Drawer bar pulls, cylindrical and elegant, are the modern type knobs. Typically, the conventional knobs are more sophisticated, often with carvings to fit the drawer where they are mounted. A mix of contemporary and traditional are the transitional knobs, which are usually rounded and painted or stained.

Knob Size


Size is one of the most important things to consider when buying new knobs in order to ensure ease of installation. Ideally, the new knobs should be almost the same size as your existing knobs. This will make it easier to install them as no additional drilling will be required. If the knobs are smaller, however, it may be necessary to cover the existing holes using wood putty and drill new holes on your drawer.

Knob Material


When deciding what material your new drawer knobs should have, be sure to consider the location of your drawers. For kitchen drawers, it is best to install stainless steel knobs since they are likely to get spilled with water and other liquids. Such knobs will not be easily corroded and are therefore easier to clean. In contrast, living room or bedroom drawers are more unlikely to garner any dirt or spills. Thus, you can match them with more elaborate knobs made from various materials such as glass, ceramic, wood, and metals such as aluminum.

Knob Cost

How much drawer knobs cost can differ significantly depending on their size, material, quality, and finish. While you can purchase some knobs for as low as $1, they may not be of high quality. In contrast, intricately carved knobs or personalized knobs are often of higher quality despite being much more expensive. It is always better to buy some extra knobs, especially cheaper ones, to easily replace broken knobs.


Considering usability, style, size, materials, and costs are essential for anyone planning to buy new drawer knobs for their homes. As is the case when investing in other home furniture, these factors will help you save time, effort, and money. Once you have purchased the most appropriate drawer knobs for your furniture, be sure to avail of drawer knob installation services from A1 Knobs and Handles Singapore. We have plenty of drawer knobs of different styles that are sure to enhance your home’s appearance. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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