Things to Consider When Choosing Cabinet Knobs


Kitchen cabinet knobs do not only improve the appearance of your kitchen space but also influence its efficacy and functionality. This means that when shopping for cabinet knobs, you should make sure to carefully inspect and ensure that you select the right piece of hardware. To help you in your purchase, here are several factors to take note of when choosing cabinet knobs:

The Knob’s Size


Installing knobs with the proper size definitely means a quicker and faster installation. For example, it is better to consider installing vast 38mm knobs if your cabinet doors are relatively taller than average as they are easier to pull when the doors are being opened. On the other hand, 30mm knobs would be more ideal if your cabinet doors are of average height.

The Knob’s Quality


When purchasing door knobs, make sure to thoroughly examine their appearance and finishing features carefully. The reason for this is that there are some poor-quality knobs that have open backs due to manufacturers wanting to save on metal and production costs. The thickness of the edges and metal flames should be carefully examined as well since a very thin knob can gradually bend or dent over time. It is also best that you weigh them as knobs of low quality are usually lighter and hollow, making them more susceptible to damage.

Check for the Cost


Remember that that quality is proportional to the expense. As such, you should also always have a clue as to how much you are prepared to spend on high-quality knobs. While many businesses sell affordable products, you definitely do not want to invest in poorly finished, cheap-looking, and substandard knobs. Visiting nearby local cabinet showrooms or hardware stores rather than big-box stores is highly recommended as you will have a wide range of quality types of knobs to choose from.

Prices of knobs could be higher based on design and finish. Strong stainless bronze knobs and steel knobs tend to be among the most expensive. Nevertheless, they are also among the most durable. It is recommended that you purchase your knobs in sets so that you can easily replace any knob which gets misplaced or damaged.

Your Home’s Interior Design


Your kitchen’s interior design style should play a critical role in determining what type of knobs and handles you should purchase. For example, if you have a modern kitchen, knobs with clean and straight silhouettes such as bar knobs are ideal. On the other hand, a farmhouse-style kitchen may be well-matched with rustic-looking knobs such as kitchen bin knobs. Similarly, consider adding vintage or ornate knobs if your kitchen leans more towards a vintage style, makeshift, or antique style.

Take note that the overall appearance of your kitchen will also be influenced by the finish on the knobs you decide to buy. For instance, knobs with a chrome or stainless-steel finish, improve the look of a kitchen with a more modern style. Meanwhile, kitchens with traditional designs are better matched by knobs with nickel, gold, or bronze finishes as well as custom finishes.

Your Cabinet’s Finish

Although most homeowners favor brushed nickel or chrome knobs, there are many other knobs you can buy to match the finish of your kitchen cabinet. For as long as you choose knobs that match your cabinet’s finish, you will not have to replace some of your other appliances just to improve their appearance.

Most cabinet finishes work well with knobs made of brushed stainless steel, nickel, bronze, black mat, and aluminum. However, you can also choose to install dark bronze, white or transparent glass if you want to give your kitchen a more contemporary look. Take note though that these knobs are among the rarest to find.

Consider The Quality

Always keenly study the cabinet knobs you are about to buy to ensure they will last a long time. Remember that while some knobs look elegant, there is a chance that they might have reduced metal quantity. Closely inspect the knob’s metal and edge thickness so you can determine if it fades or breaks easily.

No matter how striking you want your kitchen cabinet to appear, it is still important to make sure that the knobs it uses are of high quality especially since you are likely to use it frequently. It is also best to purchase knobs that are comfortable to use and will make it easier to open and close your cabinet.


Not only should your cabinet knobs closely match the design of your kitchen, but they should also be comfortable to use and last a long time. Once you have purchased the right cabinet knobs based on the tips we provided, contact A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore to install them for you. By doing so, you can ensure that your knobs are fixed properly at an affordable price.

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