Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Professional to Install Door Knobs and Handles


Like tables and chairs, door knobs and handles are an essential part of a home. Having door knobs and handles installed in your home can provide much needed convenience as it allows you to complete your daily errands much more efficiently. That said, it is best that you have a professional to install them for you to prevent unintended damage or injuries from occurring. By seeking assistance from a professional, you will be able to ensure that your door knobs and door handles are installed in a durable and secure manner.

Many professionals may claim to provide professional handle and knob installation services, but some end up doing their job poorly. Besides that, their service charges may be overpriced. To ensure that your door knobs and handles are installed properly and that you do not go over budget, take note of the following things when hiring a professional door knob and handle installer.



Experience is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a professional to install your door knobs and handles. If a worker has extensive past experience in providing door knob installation works, they are more likely to install your knobs and handles correctly. In contrast, an individual without much experience in knob and handle installation works has a higher chance of causing damage and improperly setting up your door hardware. Thus, be sure to take note of how long a professional has been doing their job before hiring their services.



As you would when searching for someone to install your cabinet knobs, you can also check online reviews of a particular door knob and handle installer to gauge the quality of their services. However, in case you have doubts about reviews posted on their website or social media page, you can try checking for unofficial reviews on forums or Google reviews. Do ensure that you get as much information on the worker’s workmanship and servicing costs.





Even the best workers can make mistakes while installing door knobs and handles inside homes. In order for these to be rectified without any extra charges, check that the professional you engage with provides a warranty guarantee. This will spare you the need to book another appointment and spend heavily on additional door knob repairs or replacements.



At times, workers can sustain unintended injuries during the door knob or handle installation process. In such cases, it is vital that you be protected against any claims of liability. Thus, before hiring a professional to install different types of door knobs and handles, never forget to ask them to present a proof of insurance. Knowing whether they have any insurance coverage can also help you judge whether they might be reliable enough to perform the works you need.


Servicing Costs

Most people have other expenses to take care of besides the installation of their various door knob and door handle types for their home. That said, there are some workers who decide to take advantage of their clients financially by charging them extra costs. The best way to avoid this problem is to ask the service provider to explain their servicing costs in full detail. Make sure to also clarify if their work might incur some additional expenses, such as costs of materials. If they are unable to provide a clear price breakdown, you might want to seek the services of another professional with transparent pricing instead.




Not all professionals can install door knobs and handles in a respectable and affordable manner. For this reason, always make sure to confirm their level of experience before hiring them and check their reviews to determine their workmanship standards. It is also vital to ask if they provide a warranty guarantee in case any installation mistakes take place as well as whether they are covered by insurance should they be unintentionally injured. Lastly, do not forget to ask them to explain their servicing costs so you can avoid any unnecessary expenses.


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