Things to Remember When Installing Cabinet Handles


Most people who need to install a cabinet handle consider it an intimidating process regardless of whether they tend to do DIY projects or are professional woodworkers.  This is often due to the fact that cabinet handles need to be installed precisely and carefully so that they do not sustain any unwanted damage.

To install your cabinet handles successfully, be sure to take note of the following guidelines:

  1. Choose The Correct Hole


Before installing cabinet handles, you always need to determine exactly what type of cabinet handle you are going to affix. Remember that there are different types of cabinet handles such as storage cabinet handles, kitchen cabinet handles, cabinet pulls, and many others. Once you have identified what type of cabinet handle you have, be sure to select the correct hole to install it in.

Functionality and appearance are the two main factors to consider when it comes to choosing where your cabinet handle’s hole should be. Besides that, you may want to study how your cabinet doors are designed before you start drilling. Never forget that how your cabinet looks and how easily you can open it depends on where you mount the handle.

  1. Check the Size of Your Current Hardware 


Think of the rails and stiles as a support system for the door or drawer panel, establishing a square (or rectangle) around it. Check the current hardware size to drill the holes and allow the door/drawer hardware and stud to end up positioned vertically next to the door/drawer panel, forming a “gasket” to hold it in place.

An essential factor to consider before jumping into drawer fronts is size. The number of knobs and pulls you use will depend on whether you have wide or small drawers

  • A wide/large drawer is 24” wide or more.
  • A small drawer (less than 24” wide)

Regardless of the sort of cabinet you have, you can achieve any look (traditional, transitional, and modern).

  1. Attach Temporary Markings 


  •  Temporary Markings for Cabinet Doors:

When deciding how to install your cabinet handles, you can create temporary hole marks on your cabinet doors. That way, you can easily determine where to install your cabinet handles without causing any unnecessary damage.

For wall cabinets (referring to cabinets installed over the counter), it is advisable to make temporary markings two to four inches from the bottom corner of the door panel.

  • Small Drawers

On small drawers, center the marks on drawers so that that knobs face both directions.

  1. Align the Handles 


We suggest aligning the cabinet handles vertically and centrally on the door panels rather than on the bottom corners. In case you experience difficulty, call experts who offer professional installation services for knobs and handles to assist you.

  1. Use A Handle Jig 

Using a handle template makes it easy to make the temporary markings and align the holes so that your hardware of choice is neatly installed.

  1. Use Current Hardware Size 

If you are installing cabinet handles for the first time, don’t make the mistake of installing hardware different from the current hardware size. Otherwise, your cabinet might end up looking awkward.

  1. Tighten The Screws


Careful attention is needed when tightening the screws of your cabinet handles. If you fail to practice this, you could end up causing damage that might require extensive and costly repairs.

You do not want your hard work and your hard-earned money to be thrown away all because you rushed your work and did not properly tighten the screws. Fortunately, calling a professional to provide you with knob and handle services will give more assurance and allow you to save more money.


Installing cabinet handles is not an easy task. By following the guidelines mentioned above, however, you will be able to ensure that the installation process is performed accurately and seamlessly. Should you continue to experience difficulty, be sure to message A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore to install your cabinet handles for you. We have incredibly competent technicians with a great deal of experience in installing various kinds of cabinet handles. Contact us to know more about our servicing costs.

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