Tips for Purchasing The Right Door Handles


Some people’s door handles need replacing due to damage or long-term use. In other cases, new door handles have to be installed because new doors have been purchased for the home. As is the case with door knobs, replacing a door handle can be time-consuming and expensive. That said, it is still advisable to do proper research and choose the right handle for each door you have. Depending on the door location and required security, some door handles will include a latch or lock while others are designed for mere passage. Here are some tips for choosing the right door handles for your home:



Door Type


While choosing a door handle, you must consider the location of the door on which the handle will be installed. If the professional you hired is supposed to install the handle on the exterior door of the house, more security will be required. In such instances therefore, the door handle must include a locking mechanism. Moreover, since the exterior door is exposed to rainfall and high moisture levels, the handle and lock should be made from stainless steel or other non-corrosive material. For interior doors, it is best that the door handles to be installed consist of brass.



Door Lock or Latch Mechanism


Many door knobs and handles sold in the market have a built-in lock or latch mechanism. When selecting among them, be sure to consider the level of security and privacy required for your home. For instance, if the highest level of security is on your main door, it is best to affix it with a handle comprising a high-quality lock. You can also install a handle with a latching mechanism so that it does not automatically open. There are also brand new door handles for your home you can consider which have a spring loaded mechanism that allows them to return to their original position after they are pushed down.



Backset of Door Lock or Latch


The backset is the distance from the door edge to the middle of the hole in the door handle lock/latch through which the handle spindle moves through. Generally, the backset distance for the latches and locks used in door handles measures either 56 mm or 44 mm. This is lesser than the backset distance for installed door knobs which often measure at least 81 mm. Therefore, before buying a door handle, it is important to make sure that the backset of the new door handle matches that of the original handle so that it fits properly. It is not advisable to replace old pull or lever handles with door knobs as the backset will differ.




Like cabinet handles, door handles come in various designs. Furthermore, each comprises materials, locks, and latches which offer different levels of security. Handles with enhanced security tend to cost more. Before replacing your door handles therefore, be sure to plan your budget which should include a list of hardware which you will need such as the locks and latches. Also make sure that your budget is high enough such that you are still able to purchase high-quality handle and knob types




When buying a new door handle, make sure that it perfectly matches the type of door you have. Also see to it that it is compatible with the mechanism and backset of your door lock/latch and that it fits within your budget. For door handle installations, you may call A1 Knobs & Handles Singapore. We have trained professionals who can perfectly install door handles in your home.


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