Tips on Choosing a Professional to Install your Ikea Door Knobs and Handles


In recent years, door knobs and handles from IKEA have been increasing in popularity. This can be attributed to the affordability and attractive design of many of their cabinet handles, drawer knobs, and other hardware. If you have recently purchased door knobs and door handles from IKEA but lack the skills to install them, contact a professional to assist you. However, do not forget to take note of the following when choosing a knobs and handles service to help you out.


  1.  Compare Prices and Payment Methods

Not all professional door knob and handle installers have the same servicing costs. In fact, some may charge significantly higher prices than others despite performing the same amount of work. To determine which professional’s services might fit within your budget whilst ensuring that your IKEA door knobs and handle installation is done properly, be sure to compare the prices of each one. It is also best that you compare their payment methods to see which worker is easiest to transact with.


  1. Seek Recommendations


One of the best ways of finding someone capable enough of installing your knobs and handles from IKEA is by seeking out recommendations from friends and family. Through their help, you might be able to contact a properly skilled worker to install the different types of door knobs and handles you have at an affordable price. But in case no one personally close to you is able to give you any recommendations, try asking online instead.


  1. Consult The Installer Beforehand

Though judging a worker’s capabilities through research can help greatly, consulting them in person or online can provide great benefits as well. You might be able to get a fuller overview of how much it costs for them to install your door knobs and door  handles for your home. Furthermore, it can give you a better idea of when they might be available. However, if a worker leaves you short on details, it might be better to hire a professional knob and handle installer who is much more transparent.


  1. Request A Quote

In order to avoid going overbudget, it is important to see if the IKEA knob and handle installer you intend to hire can provide you with a quote when requested. This will enable you to have a full overview of all of the costs that come with having the IKEA knobs and handles for your home installed. Should the worker fail to give you a quote or at least one that is complete in details, it is recommended that you avail of someone else’s services instead.




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