Tips on Placing Your Cabinet Knobs


After installing their cabinets, most Singapore homeowners want to make sure that it matches the overall look of the room where it is installed. For this to be possible, it is important to choose the right cabinet knobs for your cabinets. Before having them installed, however, you should be aware of the following tips on how to place them properly:

Cabinet Doors


As is the case with door knobs, cabinet knobs should be placed opposite door hinges. If you have wall cabinets, you can place your knobs 2 inches to 2 1/2 inches from your cabinet door’s bottom corner. Unlike wardrobe knobs which are usually positioned centrally, cabinet knobs are placed in the lower corner to make it reachable in case the cabinet is installed in a high location. Besides that, placing the cabinet knobs in the corner gives your cabinet a more traditional look.

For base cabinets, knobs can be placed 2-inch to 2 1/2 inches from the door’s upper corner. Positioning the kitchen cabinet knobs near the top of the cabinet door on the stile can help you reach them easily without having to bend over extensively.

Cabinet Drawers

One common issue with doorknobs and handles that homeowners often face is how they should position them on their cabinet drawers. When positioning drawer knobs for your cabinets,  it is ideal to place them at the center of the drawer door. Those with average-sized drawers usually place their knobs at the center of their drawer both horizontally and vertically.

It is advisable to locate the center of your cabinet drawer and then move your knob up slightly so that it is somewhat closer to the top portion of your furniture. By doing this, the knobs will appear to be centrally positioned even when you look at them from above. If you place the knob at the exact middle of your drawer on the other hand, it may appear to be at a slightly lower position.

In case you have deep and large drawers, it is still ideal to place the knobs horizontally at the center but a little closer to the top. This will not only make the drawer appear better, but it will also make it easier to open and close.

Should you have difficulty with placing your cabinet drawer knobs, it is best that you call a professional. One of the benefits of hiring a professional to install drawer knobs is you will not have to worry about finding the center portion of your furniture since they can accurately do so for you and ensure that the knobs are installed properly.

Cabinet Pull-Outs


Like cabinet handles and pulls, cabinet knobs work well in many kitchen styles — from contemporary to traditional — and they are easy to grasp as well. Not only can you get cabinet knobs in different lengths for ordinary drawers, but there are also those designed for pull-outs as well.

Just like cabinet handles, cabinet knobs are best placed in the middle portion of a pull-out. However, you can choose to adjust its position in a way that will make it appear proportional to the base of your cabinets.

If you have extra-wide pull-outs, then you may need to install two knobs. In order to determine the right placement, you can divide your pull-out into thirds and then place one of the knobs at the one-thirds position and the next one at the two-thirds position.

Placing your cabinet knobs in the right position should not be too difficult. If you do it incorrectly, your door and drawer may end up looking visually unappealing. Should you require any assistance, you can simply engage professional handle installation services and have them do the job for you.


Knowing how to properly place your cabinet knobs can save you from installing them incorrectly. That said, this may take a considerable amount of skill and knowledge. Thus, we recommend that you contact A1 Knobs and Handles. We can provide you with knobs and handles services depending on your needs. Feel free to reach us through our website or contact us via WhatsApp.

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