Types of Door Handles For Your Home

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Nowadays, more and more households are making use of different door types with varying designs and mechanisms. In most cases, this is to enhance the appearance of the home as well as to improve security. However, you should remember that these benefits can only be possible if the right type of door handle is chosen.

As is the case with door knobs, installing the wrong handles on your doors can clash with the aesthetic of your home. Furthermore, it can cause damage to your doors, leaving them unusable. To avoid these problems, take note of the following types of door handles which you can purchase for your home and how they differ from each other.

Lever Handles

Lever handles are considered the most widely used door handles. They are usually produced in large sizes and tend to be made out of metal, making them an ideal choice due to its durability.


Lever on Backplate


As the name implies, this door handle is attached to a metal backplate. It consists of a lever connected to a spindle which operates the latch affixed to the door frame. Like a wardrobe handle, it is mostly used for interior doors which do not require any locking, although some models include a keyhole and a turn-and-release mechanism for additional security.


Lever on Rose


This handle is normally attached either to a circular or square-shaped metal plate which is meant to conceal the screws and handle fittings. Like drawer handles, it normally comes in a wide variety of styles and finishes like brass, chrome, gun metal, and nickel. While most models can be installed solely with a latch, there are also those which come with a keyhole or a turn-and-release mechanism.


Pull Handles

Pull handles are among the most basic types of handles and are normally used on doors which do not make use of latches. Installing these handles are usually more affordable as compared to lever handles.


D Pull Handle


D Pull Handles are usually tubular and D-shaped and are often installed on sliding doors or doors which open inwards. They can also function as cabinet handles and be purchased in a variety of finishes such as steel, brass, and bronze.


Flush Pull Handle


Flush pull handles are recessed handles installed on glass doors or pocket doors (sometimes on walk-in-closet doors as well in place of wardrobe knobs). Normally, these no longer need to be purchased since they are already built into the doors themselves. Some models include a lock mechanism while others do not include any lock at all.


Thumbturn Handle


Thumbturn handles are those which are intended for indoor use. They are often installed on bedroom doors and bathroom doors and do not usually require a key to lock from the inside. In addition, they are considered extremely safe since they can easily be unlocked during an emergency.



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