Which Kitchen Cabinet Handle Should You Buy


Although many homeowners spend a great deal of money and time having their kitchen redesigned or renovated, they often fail to consider what cabinet handles are best installed for their kitchen cabinets. Considering that most kitchen cabinets are used to store food ingredients and other food products, it is important that they are fitted with the right cabinet handles so they can be opened and closed smoothly. Fortunately, there are various types of handles for kitchen cabinets available in Singapore which vary in style, price, and durability. Some of these include the following:

Traditional Steel Handles


Traditional steel handles are usually made of stainless steel or some other steel alloy. These usually have a C or D shape and are considered to be among the cheapest cabinet handles to install. Stainless steel handles are highly popular since they are resistant to corrosion no matter how much moisture they garner. Furthermore, any spills that they get can be cleaned easily.

Pull-out Handles 


Pull-out cabinet handles are extremely easy to use and install. These are usually made of stainless steel and can be used as decorative handles. Furthermore, they are best matched with cabinets that have a modern or vintage design.

Tubular Bar Pulls


Tubular bar-pulls are generally suitable for larger cabinets since they enable them to be opened and closed much more easily. These handles are often made from either steel or aluminum. When installed on flat cabinets, these handles provide an ultra-modern look.

Edge Profile Handles 


Edge-profile handles are a relatively new style of hardware for cabinets and furniture. They are usually fastened along the horizontal or vertical edge of the cabinet door and are popular in smaller kitchens since they give the illusion of a handleless cabinet. Moreover, they keep the surface of the cabinet clutter-free. The main disadvantage of this handle however is that compared to other handle types, they have a considerably smaller surface area.

Pulls With Exposed Screws


Many homeowners prefer to match their cabinets with brass or bronze pulls with exposed screws to give their kitchen a more industrial look. Besides that, they are extremely easy to remove in case they require cleaning.

Stylish or Customised Handles 


To make their kitchen and home look more elegant and sophisticated, some homeowners prefer to buy customized handles for their kitchen cabinets. These handles may come in the shape of a bird, insect, cartoon character, animal, or any other figure. Since they come in many different designs, colors, and finishes, they can be fitted with many different cabinet types.


The ideal kitchen cabinet handles you should purchase depends on the style, design, and theme of your kitchen. Remember that if you fail to consider these when making your purchase, you could end up making your kitchen look visually unappealing. After you have purchased the right kitchen cabinet handle for yourself, contact us at A1 Knobs and Handles Singapore. Our workers have much experience in installing kitchen cabinet handles of different types. Feel free to contact us for more information

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